Innovative Approach



Smt Pick & Place Machine
Pick & Place machines are used for the placement of SMT components on PCB. We use juki's JX-100 Flexible Compact Mounter for placement of our smd components & all types of LED which are manufactured exclusively in Japan and have a reputation for high quality and reliability. Excellent durability and stability of the machine results in high quality of the product .

Reflow Machine
Reflow soldering is used basically for soldering of SMT components on the PCB. Solder paste melts and solders the SMT component to the PCB. Reflow machine can be programmed to suit different soldering profiles for differentLED makes & types. These programs can be stored & reused.


PCB Stuffing Lines
Dedicated assembly lines are there for manual stuffing of through hole components. Care is taken to ensure that all components are inserted correctly. Component pre forming stage ensures easy insertions of components. ESD wrist wraps of individual operators ensures that components are safe from ESD. Proper up to date instructions/pictures are displayed in front of operator reduces risk of mistakes.

Wave Soldering Machine
In wave soldering machine stuffed PCBs are soldered. The reliability of solder depends on many factors like quality of flux, drying of flux in pre heater section & quality of solder. Our wave soldering machine is dual wave , which is helpful for soldering of both SMT & through hole components. Both single sided & double sided boards can be soldered. The machine can be used for ROHS soldering.


Mechanical Assembly Line This is well designed Pneumatic based line. Flow & weight of product is also considered while designing this line. Special care is taken to avoid scratches onmaterial by cushion provided. All screws are fitted with help of pneumatic screw drivers (Make  Ingersoll) . Rivets are also fitted with pneumatic based riveter (Make). Inprocess quality checks are done to ensure quality.

LED Burning Racks
This is custom built automated system used for the soaking of LED Luminaires,which simulates all harsh electrical environments which includes sudden voltage dips, surges, spikes. It ensures the proper operation of Luminaire in all voltage ranges. It takes care of infant mortality of components issues & LED Life. The system is PLC based with auto transformer tapping at 110V,180V,240V & 280V.

Inhouse Transformer
For LED drivers,the transformer is the most important factor that determines the performance such as the efficiency, output regulation and EMI. the transformer is inherently an inductor that provides energy storage, coupling and isolation for the LED drivers ,To keep constant check on the quality we have in-house production.

Different stages are as follows
  • Cycle 1 Low voltage stage (110V)  to check low voltage operation
  • Cycle 2 Mid voltage test (180V) to check operation for brown out voltages
  • Cycle 3 Normal Voltage test (240V)
  • Cycle 4 High Voltage test ( 280V)
  • Cycle 5 Random Voltage testing This takes care of voltage fluctuations in Electricity supply
In all these cycles ON/OFF testing is done to check the effect of Inrush currents on Drivers & intermittent power failures .


Low pressures molding is a single step process to seal and protect electronics. Using a simple mold set allows for the process to use much less material than traditional potting process. It requires no housing. Part numbers or Logos can easily be incorporated into the mold set for added benefits. This unique technology is primarily used for encapsulation to achive IP ratings.



We have qualified technical executives to help our esteemed clients with their any kind of queries through phone, E-mails, chats and SMS. They will suggest the best suitable product by listening & understanding the need of client. They will not only suggest the product but complete solution for the requirement. HAPPY to HELP executive is the single point window for client,executives are available from 9:00am to 6:00pm (all weekdays except Friday).


According to Mahatma Gandhi"A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so." Our HAPPY TO HELP desk follows the same principles.



Lite Technology establishes itself in an invulnerable position with its leading technologies.The R&D team is tracing the latest industry information and cutting-edge technology and develops drivers that are good to sell.It took 9 months for developing products only at the beginning stage and now we are continuously improving our technologies and increasing investment .Till now we have developed different series of products from 1watt to 250watt which are favored by the customers with characteristics of low noise,energy-saving,environment friendly,high efficiency,high power factor and long lifetime. High power constant current drivers for street lights,highway lights,tunnel lights and more are ready to be launched in the market.


Lite Technology has built up advanced performance testing lab,high and low temperature test chamber,lighting surge test lab,conduction test lab,electromagnetic compatibility testing lab and lifetime reliability test lab.Advanced testing devices in the processing lines and automatic temperature control aging equipments are independently developed by the R&D team in order to ensure that the products performance is at leading level of the industry.


Furthermore the R&D team develops new products according to customers technical parameters within a development cycle of 30 days.

Thermal Imager
While spot infrared thermometers present only a single temperature at a single spot, these Thermal Imaging Cameras give you the whole picture, some up to 19,600 spots! Thermal imaging is the most effective method for finding problems or potential problems in a variety of applications across many fields.

Power Analyzer
Power Analyzer is used to measure the Input Electrical parameters like Input Voltage, Input current, Input wattage, Input frequency, Power Factor, Harmonics current.


HV Breakdown tester
High voltage breakdown testers are used to check the breakdown voltages of transformers, motors, pumps, chokes coils, PCB insulation materials, electrical and electronic components, etc.

An oscilloscope is easily the most useful instrument available for testing circuits because it allows you to see the signals at different points in the circuit. The best way of investigating an electronic system is to monitor signals at the input and output of each system block, checking that each block is operating as expected and is correctly linked to the next. With a little practice, you will be able to find and correct faults quickly and accurately. Oscilloscopes are commonly used to observe the exact wave shape of an electrical signal. This allows the measurement of peak-to-peak voltage of a waveform, the frequency of periodic signals, the time between pulses, the time taken for a signal to rise to full amplitude (rise time), and relative timing of several related signals of power supplies.



Mechanical R&D consists of strong team of Enggs. (BE & BTech) alongwith draftsmans to accompany them. All design works is done on PRO-E, Solidworks, Trace pro , Ansys & AutoCAD. The PRO-E is used for making component design , verifying assembly of different components & generating CAD files. This is also used for checking & computing surface area, volume, weight, center of gravity etc. The Ansys is used for thermal & structural analysis. The Trace pro is being used for reflector & lens design. We ensure that all designs are aesthetically appealing with best Thermal management & high Efficiency.
We have applied for Design Registration & Patents for following designs.

  • 31 down lights
  • 6 retrofits
  • 2 office panel lights
  • 3 types of street lights
  • 1 High bay light

Green Technology and Energy Saving

Estimate from famous journal that currently around 20%of global electricity is consumed by lighting. Imagine if human can offer an lighting technology which help us to save more than 70% of lighting electrical consumption, how much we can save and how much we can protect the environment . Although the initial investment of LEDs lighting are higher than conventional lighting source, this investment will payback for just a short period of time due to long life time, low maintenance cost and high efficiency.


Toxic mercury is released into the environment when fluorescent light bulbs are broken or dumped into landfills. LED bulbs contain no mercury, no toxic gases and are solid state, they can be dropped without presenting a chemical wizard and there is nothing to break, shatter, leak or contaminate. Therefore LEDs are absolute a green product which do not pollute our environment and also enable specifiers to meet new and future increasingly stringent environmental regulations.


True High CRI

The color rendering index(RA) refers to the average color rendition of particular light source. However, for particular color spectrum,it may perform relatively low, especially in R9 for red color and R15 for human skin representation. Therefore in a true high CRI light source, the average performance of every color spectrum is important to present the lighting object,especially R9 & R15 is one of the most important spectrum as well.


Cool Light Beam
Heat energy loss from conventional light source, especially halogen lamps, are not only an energy losses but also follow by a series of problem, ceiling brunt is one of it . smoky black ceiling surrounding halogen lamps are often occur when the lamps has operate over 1,000 hours. furthermore most of the halogen lamps is not recommend to place an object within 500mm displacement from the lamps which limited the range of application. now, led light source have the problem as the led light beam is absolutely no heat generate.


No UV Emission
LED Light Source Do Not Emit UV And hence they Are Free For The Insects Trap Problem.


Integrating Sphere
An Integrating Sphere is an important machine in any Lighting Lab. It is an optical component consisting of a hollow spherical cavity with its interior covered with a diffuse white reflective coating. Photometric measurements are done through the precision photo sensor & SPECTRORADIOMETER .Control unit of sphere also has power source which ensures that the pure & stabilized AC/DC voltage is given to the UUT (Unit under test). High end Power Analyzer in control unit measures all the important electrical parameters in real time & stores them. 2 meter Integrating Sphere is used to measure important parameters of complete Luminaires whereas 0.5meter integrating sphere is used for measurement of important LED parameters.

A Goniophotometer is a device used for measurement of the light emitted from the Luminaire at different angles. Goniophotometer measures the following:

- Iso-illuminance distribution curve
- Luminaire Efficiency
-Beam Angle of the Lamp
-Light Distribution Curve
-Lux Distance Curve
Our Goniophotometer uses a intelligent precision thermostatic photodetector , made in Germany ,with built in amplifier & microprocessor which gives very high accuracy.


Aging & Life Test System
"This system is designed for normal / accelerated aging, lumen maintenance measuring, lifetime evaluation and temperature characteristic testing for LED luminaires. The extrapolation of lifetime by programmable models is also available to estimate the lifetime of LED luminaires. It refers to the standard IES LM-80 and other related standard."

Rain Proof test Chamber
It is being used to test Luminaires which are used for outdoor applications.Rain Proof chamber is designed for the simulation of Rain/Water Spray/ water jets. This test ensures that no Water can enter the Luminaire and affect its normal functioning. It basically ensures product gasket sealing. In the unit water is circulated in closed loop arrangement. This avoids wastage of water. The testing is done as per applicable Ingress Protection (IP) standards


Dust Proof CHAMBER
Dust proof testing is done to test functioning of Luminaire under extreme dusty environmental conditions. This test ensures that no dust or foreign particles can enter the Luminaire & affect the normal functioning of Luminaire. Testing is done as per applicable standards.

Humidity Chamber
Main equipments : Constant temperature and humidity test room,it can simulate different parts of the world's environment,temperature range from -20°C ~ 85°C,Humidity range from 30% ~ 98%.